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"Let us Grow Together!"

Kurs-Nr.: , 10.04.2021, Darmstadt

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Termin 10. 04. 2021 11:00 – 12:30 Uhr

Ort nur über ZOOM, Alexanderstr. 35, 64283 Darmstadt



ESG Darmstadt Interkulturelles Religion und Gesellschaft "Let us Grow Together!"

© GrowTogether Sina Aghababaei Najjar

ZOOM-Workshop with Sina Aghababaei Najjar

Dear international friends,

Do you agree that studying or working abroad brings with it opportunities but also new challenges? It is very much possible that someone in this group has already been through a challenge you are having right now. Why not hear other people’s stories so you can make better decisions? A “challenge” is by the way a prerequisite for growth! No challenge, no growth.
This international gathering held at regular intervals is meant as a support for us to share our experiences and grow together! This group will have the energy and security to talk about almost anything. Topics could be anything that we encounter on a daily basis ranging from intercultural communication skills through travelling tips to methods for learning faster or finding a job.

Remember one thing: The group knows more than you alone!
Join and share your experiences.
Help someone else and feel the joy of it.
And learn from someone else, because learning makes us feel alive. 

What: International Gathering Sessions to not only socialise but also learn from one another in areas such as: intercultural communication, time management, learning strategies, finances, insurance, job, relationship, travelling in Germany/Europe etc. and YOUR TOPIC.
When: For now every 2nd Saturday starting from 10.04.2021, 11 o’clock, a.m.
Where: For now virtually per zoom.
Registration: write an email to sinavicenna@gmail.com and say “YES, I’m ALL in!”
Duration: 90 minutes

Contact Sina Aghababaei Najjar: sinavicenna@gmail.com


Veranst. Pfr. Martin Benn


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E-Mail benn@esg-darmstadt.de

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Gib uns Vertrauen, Gott, in diesen Zeiten.
Gelassenheit, Besonnenheit und Mut.
Und gib uns Freundlichkeit. Die soll sich ausbreiten.
In unseren Herzen und in unserem Land und überhaupt.

(Doris Joachim)

Doris Joachim

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